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Our own COVID-19 research report proved time well spent

Updated: May 18, 2020

In the time of Coronavirus researchers have sought to understand the fears and attitudes of the general public in their droves. Just one look at the internet can easily reveal how dozens of agencies have used the power of their own audiences to monitor consumer sentiment at this unprecedented moment in history.

While we would never seek to downplay the efforts of many of those (mostly large multimillion pound) agencies, assessing the impact amongst 'joe public' is a relatively easy option and hence we sought to tread a more difficult path.

The Plumbing and Heating sector is one where Eureka! has invested considerable time and effort and one where we consider ourselves as the market leaders. As a micro-business, along the lines of many plumbers, we also felt the hard impact of COVID-19 so sought to deliver our own research in the impacts on the sector.

We established a unique group of stakeholders from across the sector to explore how installers were adapting and to understand the business challenges being faced.

We delivered an incredible 1,100 interviews with business owners, allowing us to develop our free research report that truly captured the status of the sector. Visit here to learn more about the research and see the results.

Within the sector, the report has received widespread interest and praise and has been disseminated and shared widely. We received praise from our own industry body, the Market Research Society, but also from sponsors, for example below from CIPHE ...

“Dave and Richard at Eureka Research are both extremely well attuned to the UK plumbing and heating industry and clearly have a wealth of experience when it comes to conducting in-depth research. It was through their contacts and personalities that a wide range of stakeholders, with occasionally competing aims, was able to come together very quickly in order to support an in-depth look of the impact of Covid-19 on the sector. They took the time to understand our organisational needs as a contributor which in turn meant we could play that back to our membership base too. Their strategic approach to the task and their enthusiasm for it mean I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

We also gained significant industry press coverage through articles with Installer magazine, PHAM, Construction Industry Council, Building, HIP magazine, InsightDIY, H&V News, TradeHelp, Which? and many more socially.

Look out in coming weeks for a potential second iteration of this important study.

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