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We undertake pro bono research in the categories we are most passionate about and make this available here, completely free of charge! It can be really annoying when crucial data and market reports are hidden behind a paywall and you have to enter your life details to rapidly access stuff. For this reason, we allow our users to access without such hindrances but with the simple request that you get in touch if the findings resonate with you or that it might influence your own plans for market research in the future.

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Trade insights 2024

We’ve pulled together the definitive at-a-glance collection of key facts and figures – collectively this gives readers a must-have reference about those working in the Plumbing, Heating and Bathroom Sectors.
This super-charged booklet was released exclusively at Installer Show 2024 in June and is packed full of sector metrics, market conditions, channel interaction, key marketing direction insights, and all for free. If you missed us at the NEC then get in touch for your copy today!
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At the cliff edge - Workforce and productivity challenges for the P&H sector

Our new research report that sheds light on  the profound labour issues facing the Plumbing and Heating sector in the UK.

A rapidly ageing workforce combined with a pronounced skills gap already has government, industry leaders, and business owners seriously concerned and searching for solutions.

In line with similar issues in the wider construction industry, our new report puts into perspective the realities for installation businesses up and down the country.

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Uncertain Future? Attitudes to rising cost pressures

The post-COVID consumer boom in home improvements and renovations is abruptly coming to an end.  Tradespeople are now facing the ‘triple whammy’ of material cost inflation, surging diesel prices and order books dwindling.

New research by Eureka! seeks to shine a light on how tradespeople are struggling with these inflationary pressures and their confidence in the market going forwards.

Our survey with a cross-section of different trades seeks to discover how those on the tools are feeling about this new set of challenges.  And we also ask what can the broader sector do to support these tradespeople who find themselves in a ‘cost of doing business’ crisis?

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At What Cost? Mental Health in the Trade Sector

Consumer demand for home improvements has sky-rocketed since the pandemic.  Our report, published in November 2021, seeks to quantify the extent to which tradespeople are struggling to meet these unprecedented levels of household demand.

Our data also highlight some sobering findings around the extent of mental health issues amongst tradespeople who often work alone or in very small businesses where support is perhaps not high on the agenda.

Whilst the report provides some important clues as to why not all brands in the market have fully benefited from the surge in demand, we also take the opportunity to make some recommendations on how the sector more generally could support the installers working at the ‘coalface’.

COVID-19 - Eureka Report Wave 2 (2020)

The ‘Road to Recovery’ for the plumbing and heating sector

A unique cross-sector collaboration, devised by Eureka Research, to understand the challenges faced by Plumbing & Heating business owners at this unprecedented time.

Leading brands and representative bodies, such as CIPHE, BMA, BMF, APHC and CORGI all partnered with Eureka! to deliver this ground-breaking and time-sensitive consultation with the trade.

The 53 page report, published in Summer 2020, has drawn praise from stakeholders across the construction sector and policy makers in Central Government (BEIS).

This was a follow-up to the work undertaken in April 2020 when Eureka! undertook a comprehensive analysis of the first  lockdown on our sector. 

COVID-19 - Eureka Report Wave 1 (2020)

Sector wide research into the impact of COVID-19

This is the original ground breaking research into the impact of COVID-19 on the Plumbing and Heating Sector.​

During the first lockdown we rapidly brought together a cross-sector working group of industry partners to deliver a comprehensive report detailing the real world experiences of over 1,100 business owners in the sector, a truly incredible level of engagement.

Downloaded over 1,000 times and shared throughout the plumbing and heating sector, this report proved to be a vital piece of research for the sector that we are extremely proud of leading.​

Finding Tradespeople - Eureka Report (2018)

The future of finding tradespeople

Homeowners need trusted tradespeople for a wide range of maintenance and improvement jobs. Our exclusive report highlights how homeowners search for installers, plumbers and electricians when they need working doing to their home.  

Download the completely FREE 20-page Eureka! report here for data on levels of paid-for advertising in the trade sector.

Consumer Confidence - Eureka Report (2019)

Consumer influence in home improvements

The home improvement and DIY sector has known for some time that homeowner confidence to purchase products more typically associated with the professional tradesperson or installer has been on the rise.

A new data measurement tool from Eureka! helps us track this important trend.  Download one of most popular reports here which contains our exclusive ‘tracker’ data on the subject that has profound implications for how brands think about their optimum routes to market.

Lager Trends - Eureka Report (2018)

Lager trends

So what sort of lagers are piquing the interest of lager drinkers in the UK? We hear about Craft lagers, Sour lagers, Low alcohol lagers etc, but what is the lager drinker aware of and what are they drinking?

Because we are curious about these trends at Eureka, we developed an exclusive report looking at these market innovations.

UK Cider Market - Eureka Report (2019)

Exploring cider in the UK

We undertook an exclusive survey with UK based off-trade Cider drinkers, focusing on associations, brands and repertoires.

How has Cider reacted to the crafted beer movement? Is Cider seen as craft, and has the rise in 330ml cans had an impact on this category? Read our free report to find out the answers plus more!

Online Boiler Purchasing - Eureka Report (2019)

The growth of online boiler purchasing

Purchasing and installing a new boiler is a large and significant expense for households.

The growth of new online purchasing platforms, such as BOXT, represent a significant disrupter to the traditional route to market.  This allows consumers to select, order and arrange installation themselves. Our report explored consumer sentiment to these ideas.

Power Tools - Eureka Report (2019)

Power tools

The Power Tool market is awash with heavyweight brands such as DeWalt, Bosch and Makita, as tradespeople and homeowners rely on them to complete their work and household projects.

A Eureka! mini survey explored awareness and ownership of power tools in the UK.

Snacking Eureka - Report (2018)

Snacking consumer behaviour

We all love a snack whether its chocolate, crisps, popcorn, sweets or a biscuit, but which is our favourite type and how much do we spend?

There are new fancy snacking categories such as tortillas and vegetable crisps, how frequently are those being consumed and by who? If you want the answers to these questions, then download our exclusive snacking report here.

Smart Tech - Eureka Report (2018)

Smart technology in the home

Eureka! Research conducted an exclusive survey with nearly 1,000 UK homeowners to better understand consumer sentiment to smart technology and where consequently they would turn for advice about installation and other technical matters..

Download the full report right here!

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