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We have been busy building our own unique dataset of sole traders, contractors, and small businesses who we can turn to when we need both quick and longer-term research commitments. Through the Eureka Trade Community we can directly access:


Heating engineers

General builders

Bathroom fitters


Painters and decorators

Multi traders

Joiners and carpenters


In a sector where many database owners might make some optimistic overclaims, we are certainly not saying ours is the largest list in the industry. But we are confident that it is certainly one of the most engaged and we have used it successfully on a range of projects across different categories.


In some instances, we have solely used our trade community to answer a client’s particular challenge, whereas in other studies we mix and partner with other membership and trade bodies in the sector for greater reach. There is certainly no one size fits all approach, we will help you make the most informed decisions for your business need.

Tricks of the trade…

We’ve learned the hard way how challenging it is to get the attention of busy tradespeople. On our journey to becoming the leaders in trade market research in the UK, we have developed our own ‘tricks of the trade’ to keep respondents engaged in a multitude of research assignments.

Growing every day

Highly active database of UK tradespeople interested in giving their views on stuff that matters to them.


Talk the talk

Our tone of voice means that members of our community are not put off with ‘business speak’ or over-formality.


This isn’t our first rodeo. We have established some key metrics around brand and wallet so we can measure precisely how your brand ranks against what is ‘normal’ in the building products sector.


Highly focused

We are highly selective about the topics and categories that we promote to our trade-only community.

Helping your business

Here are some of the areas where the Eureka trade community could really help you and your business…

Quick dip quant polling

Got a burning question and just need a rapid view from the trade? Ask us, our quick poll can help.

Rapid fire qual feedback

Need some quick qual feedback prior to designing a quant survey? Need to touch base with a handful of experts to check focus, applicability, etc? We can help pull this together with our unique community of tradespeople.

Deeper depth quant studies

Our bread and butter. Detailed quantitative research with the trades is where we made our name using a variety of ‘gamification’ techniques. We can use our own community and bolster with a partner’s data if required.

In-depth qualitative interviewing

Need focus groups with tradespeople? We can recruit and convene quickly, even the trades are adept with online qual if that’s your preferred option!

Greater brand exposure

After each research task is completed, we can divert tradespeople to your homepage or social feed – increasing the digital exposure of your brand at a point where we have often challenged their thinking about product choice, wants/needs and where they buy. We can provide additional reports on this post-survey activation in terms of click-throughs by key sub-groups.

Proven track record

Don’t just take our word for it, take a read of some of our track record with brands in the home improvements space, who have directly benefited from the Eureka trade community.

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Are you a tradesperson?

If you want a piece of the action, register here for your chance to have a say about new products and tools relevant to you.

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