Telephone surveys

Tried, tested and tactical

The personal touch

Telephone surveys are a tried and tested methodology in the researcher’s toolkit and are particularly valuable for extending the reach of a consultation and making sure everyone has the chance to have their say. They work particularly well as a tactical exercise, where performance and diagnosis is required (for instance customer satisfaction across a range of stores or regions).

Trained interviewers are guided by a questionnaire on-screen and capture respondent feedback as the survey progresses. Questionnaire routing or complex survey logic is handled by the program and hence the interviewer is free to concentrate on the job in hand. One of the great things about telephone interviewing is that the trained operator can probe and assist the respondent; it brings the ‘personal touch’ to the research process and this can say a great deal about your brand’s approach to customer engagement.

Maximise response rates

Today’s software can also provide mixed-mode methodologies (e.g. combined telephone and online) which can be especially important in B2B research studies where several data collection methods may be necessary to maximise response rates.

Robust and cost effective

Handy then that we are experts in telephone interviewing, providing high quality solutions that use a variety of data sources from client databases to partner data providers and even free find data. Whether you are a B2B business seeking engagement with a hard to reach target or following up with consumers regarding customer satisfaction, telephone surveys provide a robust and cost effective methodology.

Calls can be recorded to extract verbatims in particular and act as quality assurance to ensure all information respondents share with us is correctly captured.

Types of telephone surveys

Customer satisfaction

NPS surveys

a.k.a. net promoter score

Usage and attitudes surveys

Brand awareness

or health surveys

Market scoping and sizing

Reaching hard to reach groups

Mystery shopping

or competitive intelligence

Sizing a market

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Not sure what's best for you?

We’d love to bounce some ideas around with you. Either get in touch with us below or have a further browse of the different research services that can be applied to your business conundrums.

Not sure what's best for you?

We’d love to bounce some ideas around with you. Either get in touch with us below or have a further browse of the different research services that can be applied to your business conundrums.

The Eureka! approach

Once the project objectives and target audiences have been agreed, we progress through these key stages.

Questionnaire design

We will develop a first draft of the survey following our own desk research into the topic. This will typically be a word version that can be shared amongst teams and we will then work together to develop a version that fits the bill. We can advise on what type of questions will or won’t work well in a telephone setting.

Programming and testing

Over to us to do the hard yards programming the script. Testing is crucial, where we spend many hours refining the script to ensure it is fit for purpose.


The team of interviewers are briefed on the project and the lead researcher explains the objectives in more detail and points out any particular areas that might be interesting to probe on. Interviewers are always reminded that they are representing the client’s brand and should act as an ambassador for the client.


At this stage a variety of routes are possible. We could be using a client database, or more commonly now (post GDPR), a purchased database, or free-found respondents. It is also quite common to have a quick health check after a day or two of interviewing to check how the interviewing is proceeding and make any adjustments the team feel would be beneficial.

Red flags

If we are interviewing a list of your ‘live’ customers any important or time-critical issues can be fed back directly to the client. Sometimes customers may ask for a call-back from the relevant team on a particular unresolved issue.


We will develop a report, varying from a top-line summary to a fully detailed output (dependent on client requirements). Check out free examples on our own website. Of course a presentation either in person or virtually is offered.

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