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Maximising data quality through mixed research methodologies

by | 10/07/2023

We are always striving to elevate survey data quality. But it can be tricky, especially when surveying niche, over-surveyed or hard-to-reach populations (plumbers anyone?). When undertaking quantitative research with these challenging groups, collecting data that is reliable enough (in terms of sample size and quality) to generate actionable insights can be difficult.

One of the main ways in which we can maximise our data collection processes is by conducting mixed-method surveys. As the name suggests, this uses more than one method during data collection. So, for example, we could coordinate an online survey, that works in tandem with a telephone campaign; we have adopted this approach countless times in the trade sector, with great success. Not everyone is poised ready to take your online survey on their phone or laptop, so running a dedicated telephone campaign alongside can help reach respondents out of hours for example.

We also use other methods in a complimentary manner to both increase quality and depth of response. Text instigated surveys can also be successful with hard to reach groups, plus the trade and tested face-to-face approach still has its merits in many situations.

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Why should you take advantage of the mixed-method approach in your future research study

– Maximise your response rate – By using two or more methods we can aim to maximise response particularly with hard-to-reach groups. Giving multiple response options (e.g. online, telephone, text, face-to-face) will help to ensure the research is representative of the target audience and the final sample size is maximised.

– Reduce bias – Certain methodologies may alienate certain respondents (older tradespeople?), so providing multiple options is more inclusive

– Increase speed of delivery – Rather than banging our head against a brick wall with one method trying to get a representative sample, combining approaches can speed up final delivery

– Cost reductions: In some scenarios, for example moving from face-to-face interviews to online video research, costs can be reduced, and potentially timelines reduced

We recently completed a mixed-method (and mixed-audience) project for a client, and they kindly had this to say after completion….

“We asked Eureka! to run a large strategic research project that sought in depth insight from three stakeholder groups; tradespeople, resellers and homeowners. Eureka! have excellent experience of researching this category in the UK and brought this know-how to bear on this important piece of work. Their reports were very in depth and gave a great level of detail and insight. Eureka also provided added value to our SMT presentations by drawing parallels with their wider knowledge of our sector”

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