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Plumber research with Salamander Pumps

Salamander Pumps are a UK based manufacturer of domestic shower and whole house pumps and are always exploring ways of introducing more innovative products.

Salamander asked Eureka! to conduct two focus groups with heating engineers and plumbers in February. The sessions were informal and lively, a variety of qualitative techniques allowing us to gain informed feedback on some concepts being considered. The practical feedback will now allow the team to further refine designs in the NPD process.

Julie Keogh, Strategic Marketing Manager, observed the groups and later commented “We know from first-hand experience how difficult it is to get groups of tradespeople together so it was a thoroughly refreshing experience to have Eureka! do this on our behalf in such an expedient way."

"They have the skills and trade ‘know-how’ to deliver the sessions in a way that puts the tradesperson immediately at ease – which maximises the time to collect invaluable insights, particularly at the product development stage. We certainly hope to be using Eureka! again in the future”

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