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Last year, the Marketing Team at Polypipe Building Services asked Eureka to conduct research into how professionals in commercial drainage specification roles use information and media channels in their jobs.

The best way to get a detailed picture of 'real-life' behaviour was to set up a programme of qualitative in-depth interviews.

Notoriously a challenging group to engage, we set up over ten depth interviews with Senior Consultant PH Engineers, M&E Contractors and Main Contractors in the Construction industry. This subsequently gave us a wide range of perspectives from across the UK supply chain.

Qualitative interviews are an ideal methodology in this sector because:

  • Stakeholders are time poor and not inclined to take part in an online quantitative survey,

  • Following a semi-structured topic guide as an underlying framework, the researcher can delve into and explore topics of specific interest,

  • A good way to get an understanding of complex building and infrastructure projects,

  • Excellent for building trust and rapport with the respondent and business more widely,

  • Face to face appointments allow more sensitive issues around procurement or suppliers to be discussed more openly.

The results of this research are now helping guide the team at Polypipe review their website content and shape how technical data is best made available in a customer-friendly way during the Specification process.

A new ‘Technical Hub’ that Polypipe customers can visit will be made available in coming months in 2019.

Sarah Trott, from Polypipe Building Services commented “The range of media, information and learning channels has never been greater for our customers. Eureka! did an exceptional job at capturing this complex landscape and measuring the true importance of having detailed technical information to hand. The findings are directly helping shape our digital strategy and the content of our website going forward.”

More information about the work we undertake in the Building and Construction sector can be seen here.

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