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We came, we saw, we (almost) conquered.

It’s taken me a while to shoehorn a reference to ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’ into our blog, but today’s the day! Aside from being one of the greatest TV Series EVER (caveat: series 1 and 2 only), it has a catchy theme tune with opening lyrics that capture what starting a new business has been like …

No one said it was gonna be easy, Nobody said it had to be fair, All of the chances taken together, All of the changes we had to share

So, having a robust support network is absolutely invaluable to ensuring you get it right. People who have been there and done it, people who believe in you and your vision and people who support you no matter what, through all of life’s successes and challenges.

Last night we were extremely happy to share our inaugural MRS Awards nomination with some of these people that have been with us through our two-year epic. Partners, clients, business gurus and supporters joined us in central London for the 2018 MRS Awards where we had been shortlisted for the ‘Breakthrough Business of the Year’ Award. As the title for this one suggests, it didn’t quite go our way, as we were pipped to the post, but we’ll be back to win next time!

So we wanted to re-iterate our thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way so far, it’s been epic!

Rich and Dave

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