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What is Craft Beer?

Ahhhh, the great imponderable! Google it, and you’ll be bombarded with numerous definitions from the garden shed-based microbrewery using ingredients sourced from the local farm, to any beer not brewed by the ‘mega breweries’. However we describe it, Craft is having a massive impact on the beer category, forcing everyone to up their game, which is great for consumers, who are now presented with a seemingly never ending supply of new fantastic flavours and brewers.

So naturally, when we ran our annual on and off trade studies with consumers on behalf of Marston’s, the focus on Craft was strong. What is clear, getting back to the definition dilemma, is that what Craft means to us consumers is very different to what it may mean to the trade. And within the consumer definition itself, there is also a clear non-consensus! Craft is clearly more of a concept, meaning very different things to different people. The diagram below taken from the 2018 Marston’s On Trade Report showcases this idea clearly.

To compliment the launch of the industry reports, Thom Winter - On Trade Category Manager, Marston’s, has appeared in a series of videos that highlight some of the key findings and important actions for the trade to improve their offering and continue to grow their customer base. Have a look at what Thom has to say here, it’s great content!

Eureka! work with Marston’s to build these annual category reports to provide insights internally as well as providing an important, well respected ‘state of the nation’ report delivered to customers in all channels.

Speaking about Eureka's involvement, Thom commented ....

“Working with our insight partners at Eureka! gives us the confidence that they can find the right sort of beer drinkers and ask the right sort of questions. In such a rapidly changing category, working with guys who love the subject like we do, really does make a huge difference to the business”

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