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Testing prototype electric showers

As part of a robust programme of new product development, Bristan recently asked us to validate new designs for their electric shower range. As we have seen with other research, confidence amongst consumers to purchase and even install showering products is at an all time high - so it made logical sense to put homeowners at the heart of this validation work.

We recruited groups of homeowners who were either currently undertaking a bathroom refurbishment or shower replacement (‘in the moment’), or those who had undertaken such a project a few years ago and would therefore have the benefit of hindsight and more reflection on their purchase. The groups consisted of Triton, Mira and Bristan electric shower users, either in their primary bathroom or an ensuite or cloakroom.

Reflecting the Eureka! philosophy of pushing research boundaries, the focus groups were highly interactive with a range of lifesize test models for consumers to rate and score corresponding to different value propositions. There was also a range of headsets for consumers to touch and feel and a shelf test of existing models from across the electric shower market. The results have given the team at Bristan a clear path forwards in terms of finalising design.

Lisa Ward, Product Group Manager for Showering, explained “I asked Richard and Dave to undertake this important piece of consumer validation as I was confident they would be able to deliver what we needed to our challenging timescale. Myself and my product design colleagues also particularly enjoyed observing the groups allowing us to see first hand how consumers interacted with the showers and talk about product features, design and our brand.”

For more information about how Eureka! work with homeowners during their home improvement projects read our article here.

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