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Keeping up-to-date with the KBB sector

The Installer show at Coventry's Ricoh Arena has become a mainstay in our commitment to the KBB sector, to keep abreast of sector direction, meet existing clients and make new connections. Of course, with our strategic partnership with Installer Magazine, this was also a chance to spend time with the hosts and discuss options for our future work together.

In line with the show last year, brands in this sector are increasingly luring in visitors with enticing games, competitions and freebies - with remote controlled cars, motorbikes and darts being prominent, all proving very popular with the visiting masses.

Aside from the fun and games, we noted some very interesting trends. Innovation in shower heads continues apace. And digital showers are clearly a product area that brands are very keen to push with the trade, with a number of suppliers dedicating plenty of space on their stand to these products. We know ourselves, that there has been some resistance to conversion from traditional shower types, but brands are still working hard to convert customers.

Of great interest is the growing trend for shower toilets. Having spent time in Japan, I’ve seen how the humble British interpretation of the toilet has been modified elaborately to include heated seats, deodorisation, bidet washing and even music. So, we’re keen to see how the shower toilet is received in the UK. There’s something about our British restraint and prudery that seems to have prevented the UK from truly embracing the bidet in contrast to our European counterparts, so what’s the future for the shower toilet?

Leak detection was another trend we identified, with smart gadgetry that detects a drop-in water pressure and cuts off the supply at the mains inlet. Another device is placed on the floor, in a utility room or basement for example, and will alert the home owner if it detects water or a significant change in humidity. Interesting additions to the growth of the smart home (see here for our own work on consumer interest in the smart home: https://tinyurl.com/yaymby55).

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