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What do tradespeople buy for emergency jobs?

Although home owners are becoming more and more influential in product selection for their home improvements, the role of the installer or tradesperson for emergency repairs and replacement is still thought to be critical.

As part of an expansive insights programme this Summer, Bristan have asked us to test this assumption and map the key steps that installers go through when purchasing a shower or tap brand for their customers in different ‘distress’ scenarios.

The research will include both qualitative and quantitative stages and deploy some of the exciting trademark techniques developed by Eureka! for engaging effectively with busy tradespeople.

Matt Peach, Head of Marketing, comments “In a relatively short space of time I have become aware that Eureka! are the ‘go to’ agency for installer and consumer insight in this sector. We have had no hesitation in commissioning Richard and Dave to undertake this business-critical piece of research. The team are again looking forward to working with Eureka! closely over coming months”

Click here to also read about our new method for understanding how consumers themselves research and purchase product in the home improvement category.

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