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Eureka! Research approaches its first birthday

What a first year it’s been, we’ve been busier that we could ever have imagined, learned a great deal plus, most importantly, had a lot of fun along the way.

Our little Eureka! baby is now walking all on its own, and to celebrate this milestone we’ve pulled together some of our major statistical highlights of the first year of business.

During 2017, we have:

  • Consulted with more than 5,000 tradespeople across the UK

  • Surveyed no less than 12,000 consumers about their food, drink and holiday preferences

  • Hand delivered 50 special-edition Eureka! mugs - which are rapidly becoming collector's items

  • Successfully conducted 24 interactive focus groups – both traditional and virtual

  • Launched our first Eureka! Moments Report (downloadable for free here!)

  • Travelled more than 9,000 miles to talk about and present our exciting work

  • Engaged with over 3,000 retailers and merchant staff across the plumbing and heating world

  • Collected 200 new followers on our Eureka! Twitter stream

  • Handed out more than £5,000 in prize draw winnings to successful respondents.

Learn more about some of the projects we've been involved in throughout the year by visiting our Eureka! Moments blog here

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