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Home owners continue to make significant investment in their homes, with the kitchen and bathroom being the most popular rooms to make improvements. This is a dynamic market – our data show that around half of all homeowners have either refurbished or are planning on renovating a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or other domestic space in the next 12 months. 

The number of bathrooms in the average UK home is also increasing, with new homeowners opting for more ensuite bathrooms at the expense of a large ‘family’ bathroom.  For renovators, the typical family now take 3-6 months to undertake a  project, from the Inspiration Stage through to the Installation phase.

 We collect data for tap, showering, sanitaryware  as    well as broader kitchen, bathroom and bedroom (KBB) brands to help them understand consumer trends, test new product developments and gauge installer preferences.   Retailers, trade merchants and retail showrooms also ask us to shine a light on what retail and trade customers are looking for in order to ensure their ranging and channel propositions are fit for purpose. 

Our bathroom & kitchen   market    research  experience 

We've worked with brands and suppliers in the bathroom and kitchen (kbb) market for many years and struggle to believe there are others with more rounded experience. We collect market data on the size and direction of the bathroom and kitchen sectors.

We've worked with leading sanitaryware, brassware and shower brands, as well as kitchen furniture, flooring and appliance suppliers, providing us with an enviable knowledge base in this market.

​Using this unique experience, we have developed  bespoke   research methodologies  that enable us to extract  better insight than 'standard'  research tools.  This includes   our  'In the Moment' Tool  for following consumers in the  middle of a bathroom or kitchen improvement project, and a range of fresh ways to engage tradespeople and gain in-depth  feedback.

​We have worked closely with a showering brand through their New Product Development (NPD) process, ensuring that their new digital shower meets the needs of the modern consumer and doesn’t present any installation headaches for plumbers.


On behalf of bathroom and kitchen brands we have explored key customer relationships and loyalty schemes in merchants.  This includes in-depth interviews with  kitchen showroom  staff for  Franke and   merchant branch managers on behalf of Polypipe.


Our  bathroom and kitchen market research techniques include:

  • Online surveys and consultations

  • Telephone interviewing 

  • Face to face for more detailed stakeholder interviews

  • Focus groups   -   face to face and online or virtual 

  • Self completion  methods, including SMS, POS, self-serve terminals

  • Ethnographic  in-depth research

  • Mystery  shopping

Snapshots    of our recent bathroom & kitchen market     research

1. Tracking the   kitchen    market

Monitoring brand awareness and usage in the kitchen category

On behalf of a leading brand in the kitchen market, we set up a dedicated brand tracker to monitor consumer recall and awareness of the brand over time. 

The survey audience was targeted at ABC1 social grade homeowners and to either those that had recently completed a kitchen refit or would be completing one in the next 6 months.  We also explored which member of the household has the greatest influence over where kitchen products are purchased from.

This also gave the manufacturer a regular opportunity to include tactical questions on an adhoc basis, such as measuring the impact of marketing activities and other consumer touchpoints such as trade shows.

2. Changing consumer tastes in the bathroom market

Using research to create the right bathroom product roadmap

It is critical for bathroom manufacturers to keep their 'finger on the pulse’ when it comes to consumer taste preferences. 

Using a range of inspirational images and different sanityware shapes, we collected detailed quantitative insight and data to determine consumers’ style preferences to gauge what is most popular and see whether it reflects our client’s sales and distribution. 

We conducted over 350 interviews with homeowners in the ABC1 social grade bracket, earning £50,000+ per year, over 35 years of age.  This helped our client make some important ranging decisions in regard to traditional or contemporary styles, including competitor benchmarking and rankings.


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What do our  bathroom & kitchen research clients say about  us?


"We have worked with Dave and Richard on a number of important strategic and tactical studies and highly recommend them as the experts operating in our sector.


Down to earth, easy to work with, they are key partners and an excellent source for understanding more about the wider kitchen and homeware sector.


We have undertaken consumer, tradesperson and   supplier research through a number of methods; I always recommend Eureka."


"In a relatively short space of time, I have become aware that Eureka! Research are the ‘go to’ agency for installer and consumer insight in the bathroom sector. 


We had had no hesitation in commissioning Richard and Dave to undertake a significant business-critical piece of bathroom research. 


The Bristan team always enjoy working closely with  Eureka! and we look forward to continuing this relationship over the coming months and years."

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