We're always keen to explore disruptive  categories   in more detail and below you'll find some of this insight, completely  free of charge! No need to submit every single personal  detail so we can market the hell out of you, just  download and go! If you want more information or just want to chat about what we've done, do get in touch. 


Sector wide research into the impact of COVID

Ground breaking research into the impact of COVID-19 on the Plumbing and Heating Sector.

We brought together a cross-sector working group of industry partners to deliver a comprehensive report detailing the real world experiences of over 1,100 business owners in the sector, a truly incredible level of interest.

Downloaded over  1,000 times and shared throughout the sector, this proved to be  a groundbreaking piece of research that we are extremely proud of leading.

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Exploring Cider in the UK

We undertook an exclusive survey with UK based off-trade Cider drinkers, focusing on associations, brands and repertoires.

How has Cider reacted to the crafted beer movement? Is Cider seen as craft, and has the rise in 330ml cans had an impact on this category?

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Lager Trends

So what sort of lagers are piquing the interest of lager drinkers in the UK? We hear about Craft lagers, Sour lagers, Low alcohol lagers etc, but what is the lager drinker aware of and what are they drinking?

We've delved into this area and produced this  exclusive FREE report

The growth of online boiler purchasing

Purchasing and installing a new boiler is a large and significant expense for households.


The growth of new online purchasing platforms, such as BOXT, represent a significant disrupter to the traditional route to market, allowing consumers to select, order and arrange installation themselves.

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Consumer influence in Home Improvements

The home improvement sector has known for some time that homeowner confidence to purchase products more typically associated with the professional tradesperson has been on the rise.  A new data tool from Eureka! now helps shed new light on what we have suspected for some time.

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Finding Tradespeople

Homeowners need trusted tradespeople for a wide range of maintenance and improvement jobs.


Our latest exclusive report highlights the way that homeowners find installers, plumbers and electricians is changing before our eyes.

Download the completely   FREE 20-page Eureka! report here!

Smart Technology in the home

Eureka! Research has conducted an exclusive survey with nearly 1,000 UK homeowners to better understand consumer sentiment to smart tech and where they would turn for advice about installation. 


You can download our FREE report here

Snacking consumer behaviour

We all love a snack whether  its chocolate, crisps, popcorn, sweets or a biscuit, but which is our favourite type and how much do we spend? 

There are new fancy snacking categories such as tortillas and vegetable crisps, how are frequently are those being consumed and by who?

We've delved into this area and produced this  exclusive FREE report

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