We set up Eureka! so we could do things a little bit differently.  Market research is not known for being adventurous but if you’ve got this far you’ve probably already noticed that we’re not another ‘beige’ agency.

But it’s not just about looking different.   Standing out is about investing in meaningful product innovation.  Whilst we’ll never turn our back completely on ‘bread and butter’ research techniques, our technological know-how allows us to offer a whole host of added value services that run of the mill agencies  simply cannot provide.


So if you’re seeking research innovation, speedier surveying, richer segmentations, online reporting or creative evaluation, read on and get in touch.

Creative agencies

We relish working alongside creative brains, supporting them in the delivery and evaluation of advertising, PR, design and digital. Independently derived insight and evidence is often the only missing ingredient in a great campaign. Get in touch to discuss how we can make your agency offering  truly full service! 

Eureka! 'In the Moment' tool

If you would love to get closer to consumers who are 'in the moment' with their home improvement project, then you need to jump on board our unique online community.  We have developed a ground-breaking online qualitative tool for the KBB sector, which brings relevant householders into a 4 week interactive environment for a series of category-specific missions on their smartphone.  See our blog here for more information.

Quick poll research

We can gain immediate insight from consumers on your pressing questions through our quick poll service. Whether you are benchmarking your brand or seeking a 'toe in the water' ahead of a larger research study, we can provide rapid consumer thought delivered creatively.

An end to death by PowerPoint

Pondering the best method of reporting and how to effectively disseminate results to stakeholders? One of our bespoke online dashboards provides the wow factor whilst making findings easy to digest. Get in touch for a demo.

Back to basics

Of course we offer all of the traditional market research services, using methodologies such as focus groups, face-to-face interviewing, online research, telephone research, etc. We're adept at quantitative and qualitative research and are experienced in mining secondary data sources.

Eureka! Trade engagement

Through our experience of dealing with numerous tradespeople, we have developed a series of unique enhancements to our quantitative approach that maximises engagement with this difficult-to-reach audience. This includes a non-linear, game-based survey vehicle that rewards tradespeople with 'points' and 'rewards' as they progress.  Our numerous surveys with this audience across the industry also gives us an unparalleled library of trade related data to draw upon.

Training packages

Sometimes we escape the data in Eureka HQ and venture out to deliver quirky training workshops for clients or stakeholders.  Each of our training sessions is bespoke, creative and informative.  Hot topics at the moment include qualitative research techniques, community engagement, and improving your research reports.

Shopper monitoring

We observe, analyse and report on consumer activity in store to accurately inform you of their actual at fixture behaviours. Allied to in store exit interviews this output provides an all encompassing overview of how your customers interact with yours and your competitors products. 

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