In late 2016, we had our own Eureka! moment and set about creating a business that differentiates itself from the rest of the market research crowd.  Most research agencies claim to be experts in all sectors,  but we only focus on markets where our expert knowledge and experience really shines through.  


Between us we have over 40 years market research experience. In addition, we have built  a unique team of talented colleagues, further enhancing our expertise in our specialist sectors. After hearing your business challenges, we’re confident we can deliver a unique solution that helps you think about things differently. Are you ready for your Eureka! moment?

Richard Mace

Research experience


Groups moderated


DIY skill level

Dave Ruston

Richard's early work years were spent on the programming and data analysis side of research so he really does know what can and can't be achieved and how long it might take! He still  regularly marvels at his subsequent achievement in moving to the dark side and becoming a bona fide researcher.

Also a qualified electrician and self-confessed DIY nerd, Rich will be frequently found on a bike somewhere, screaming down mountainous single track or exploring the roads of Staffordshire and beyond in pursuit of the perfect sliver of tarmac.

Dave trained at the Office for National Statistics learning all about big surveys and big data before it was even a buzzword.  The second part of his career was spent designing clever qualitative projects and telling brand owners what consumers really think about them.  Most clients take it on the chin!

​Dave's curiosity for home improvements was tweaked by a recent house renovation which left his poor wife and kids homeless for 4 months. When not cleaning paint brushes, he can also be found on a football field most Sundays boring his youth football team with a tactics board.

Our talented colleagues
James Latham

James is Mr Fieldwork. With over 26 years’ experience arranging and conducting fieldwork projects, he is a seasoned operator in our industry. Whether it’s large scale quantitative face to face projects, or you are looking to find a handful of hard to reach respondents for qualitative studies, James can deliver. 

Andy Madeley
Christine McNulty

Over the past decade Christine has been a busy-bee developing her marketing and campaign expertise across the construction, education, health and charitable sectors.  Christine now heads up Beehive Marketing in Warwickshire but  sometimes leaves the hive to lead engagement and research activities for Eureka.    

Gill brings a wealth of brand communications experience to the table.  Having worked extensively in marketing roles for Mira, Roca and Kohler in the past, Gill is adept at offering technical or non technical campaign advice relevant to any part of the UK bathroom supply chain.

Andy provides our data expertise when our internal geekometer is overloaded. What he doesn't know about Data Processing really isn't worth knowing. He's successfully managed SwissPeaks for over 20 years and now provides Eureka! with specialist data visualisation and data mining services.

Gill Few
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