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The Power Tool market is awash with heavyweight brands such as DeWalt, Bosch and Makita, as tradespeople and homeowners rely on them to complete their work and household projects. The industry is evolving rapidly as new and existing brands develop innovative new products that both save time and raise performance standards.

Befitting our status as a leading brand in home improvement research we undertook a poll with UK power tool owners to explore brand awareness and ownership and understand what power tools the keen DIYer keeps in their toolbox.

The summary slide below provides an overview of our poll results, with the drill dominating power tool ownership and the long standing brand Black & Decker leading the way with both awareness and ownership.

Mining further into the data there are some clear patterns on ownership across demographics and some interesting profiles of those owning more than one power tool. Get in touch if you want to see the rest of the results or chat about our experience in your sector.

Looking to the future, the cordless power tool has already been a revelation allowing users to quite literally complete their jobs anywhere, and this trend is set to continue. With new battery technologies coming on-stream offering more power and durability than ever before and increased concerns around safety (particularly on-site), it will be interesting to see what slice of the market cordless takes in coming years.

Get in touch to hear more about our research in your sector.

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