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Research and strategy development in the sports sector

Like many parts of the sports sector, horseracing has had an incredibly challenging year. Training yards, studs, racecourses and education settings have all learned to adapt to the COVID health crisis, the suspension of racing and the consequential loss of revenue. New protocols are in place at racecourses to safeguard health and safety of attendees under the resumption of racing.

It is against this challenging backdrop that we have supported the Racing Foundation evaluate its progress and also gather stakeholder opinion about how the Foundation can continue to align its activities with the strategic needs of the sector going forward.

This work will help inform the a new strategy for the Foundation, setting out their pathway for the next three years.

Through 2020, a combination of quantitative and qualitative evidence was collected with two audiences: (1) Charities and beneficiaries of grant funding operating in the UK racing sector (2) Discussions with key senior stakeholders in the sector, including the British Horseracing Authority.

Rob Hezel, Chief Executive of the Racing Foundation said “We have relied on the insight and expertise of Eureka to enable us to fully understand and respond to our stakeholders views now for a number of years. They provide an essential resource in ensuring we remain engaged and informed.

They work flexibly to ensure we get timely and accurate feedback and they present it in an engaging and constructive way. I am sure we are a better organisation by being open to feedback and we are better placed to respond to that feedback by using the skills and expertise of Eureka. ”


The Racing Foundation was established in 2012 and uses the net proceeds from the government’s sale of the Tote to support charitable purposes associated with the horseracing sector. The use of this endowment in the industry is a source of much debate and our key objective was to independently capture what stakeholders see as the key priorities moving forward.

Additional information about the development of the previous 2018-20 strategy can be viewed on the Racing Foundation website here.

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