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How consumers select a UK airport

Now the British heatwave has come to an abrupt end, thoughts will inevitably turn to our summer holiday destinations. Civil Aviation Authority research indicates that 49% of the UK population use an airport at least once every 12 months and a further 18% last flew between 1 and 3 years ago. Eureka! wanted to go further so we have carried out some research into air travel decision-making in terms of flying to European destinations.

Previous research in this area has revealed that choice factors for travel decision-making are varied and complex. Our research indicates that departure airport choices can be divided into three key groupings, with the primary factors being proximity to home (57%), price of flights (54%) and flight schedule (46%). In contrast the facilities, such as food and comfortable waiting areas, are important for just 9% of consumers thinking about the departure lounge.

If you want to get in touch we have more analysis of these findings according to the age and gender of passengers. Please click here for more information about our other growing portfolio of travel and places related work.

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