What's a good sample size?

What’s a good sample size? How many responses do we need? How many responses do we need to make it significant? How many responses do we need for statistically sound results? What’s the minimum number of interviews we need to get robust results? Just a few variations on a question we hear regularly from our clients; but what’s the answer? Well, in theory, it’s a simple question, but the answer varies by project, industry and target audience. A client operating in the general consumer environment could expect a very different response to one specialising in a niche sector where the total population (or target) is much smaller. The textbook approach would be thus: Before you calculate a sample

Market research for new product development

Well considered Market Research should always play a key role when developing new products. In the Buildings, Construction and Home Improvement sectors this should be no different with an effective approach helping to avoid unnecessary risk and expenditure. As well as understanding the strength of demand for any potential new product, an effective consultation can also be used to help plan marketing strategies, test early creative routes, assess pricing models and much much more. We have completed numerous NPD related projects in the Buildings, Construction and Home Improvement sectors and can use a variety of research methods to gain feedback. We don’t have an off the shelf approach, each p

Ale and lager market research

We’ve once again worked closely with Marston's in the development of their excellent on and off trade research reports for 2019. Marston’s again commissioned Eureka! to interview 2,000 Ale drinkers and 2,000 Lager drinkers as part of their annual report, which is always keenly anticipated by stakeholders across the trade. Both surveys sampled the entirety of Great Britain to ensure all alcohol drinkers are covered as ale and lager distribution can be variable. Our data are then uniquely fused with CGA sales data, Kantar Worldpanel and Alcovision to create a holistic picture of the market. The full Marston's On-Trade Category Report can be viewed here In the meantime, read more in-depth Eure

Lager drinking trends in the UK

Lager has been a staple of the British drinker for many years but it’s only in recent times that we have seen significant disruption to the lager sector with new entrants to the market. We can all name and recognise the dominate lager brands and production has typically been dominated be them in the UK; foreign producers making lager in the UK under licence, heavily marketed for mass consumption. However, aligned with the Craft movement in ale, there’s now a much more varied range of lager styles available, with many of them brewed to higher standards, which is helping to open up lager’s appeal to a much wider audience. So what sort of lagers are piquing the interest of lager drinkers in the

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